What people say about "Sharks:  Ocean Rescue Squad"

Isobel, age 10

I really liked it!  Learned lots of facts about sharks...enjoyed so much I could have read more and I like the shark drawing.

Nick A.

I finally read your book and loved it!  And I learned a lot too.

It is everything it promised to be - an easy and attractive read, entertaining and full of relevant and useful information. Great work.  I can tell that it’s your life's passion!

Frank P.

Overall, my first impression was 'What - no beautiful pictures?'  but then I realized that the printed content was the real message of the book - not the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.

The further into the book I ventured, the more I appreciated the message.  While it may be geared to children, it was very informative, and I started to enjoy the hand drawn illustrations.  I also found the time required to read it (and think about it) was reasonable - about 25 minutes (I didn't just skip through it - I reread a few pages).

The only thing that distracted me from the message was the 'global warming' content.  I believe it is important to understand the role our ocean's play as a carbon sink but I also believe this is a very controversial subject even though it is taught as a 'bible' in our schools.  Just because the subject is not widely discussed doesn't mean the controversy has died.  We skeptics are very much alive and plentiful.

While I understand the science behind the concern that a blanket of carbon dioxide will trap heat in the atmosphere, I also believe firmly in the data which shows that carbon dioxide levels trail the rise in temperature.  As a result, carbon dioxide does not 'cause' global warming but is rather a symptom.  Of course, it may also exacerbate the condition once it occurs.  I also think the books by Astrophysicist Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov which predict a new 'Little Ice Age' between now and 2060 should be taken a little more seriously by the general public.   

So much for the 'global warming' discussion ;-).  I enjoyed your book and I hope it is well received.  

Heather, Dan, and Ben A.

​Carol Perkins has had a passion for writing for years, and it clearly shows in this book.  She has taken a topic that kids are passionate about and made it into an easy-to-read book that makes learning about sharks fun.  Her writing connects to children at a level that is easy to understand and keeps them engaged right to the end.  As a family we enjoyed reading and learning about sharks and the environment, and it created continuous conversation even after we had finished reading it.  We look forward to reading more books by Carol and supporting her desire to write.  We know that the next book will be just as engaging.

Paul W.

Well! I’ve got both kids to finish reading the book! Nathan is 12 and it was a little
young for him of course but he did provide good feedback and that it would be perfect for
someone Madeline‘s age. He also thought it would be very educational. He suggested a
cartoon as well.
Madeline was the best! She thought this was appropriate for her age and liked that there was
some challenging words in it. So appropriate for kids 7 to 9. She also enjoyed the artwork! I
asked her to provide criticism, good and bad but she really did enjoy it. It was an honest good
review from her!

Taylor P.

My name is Taylor and I approve of this book. It has opened my eyes to sharks and I no longer worry about swimming in the ocean. They truly are the oceans rescue squad! Jaws has truly created a bad name for sharks where this book has corrected that image.      

Rhegan, age 18

I really liked how the book informs the reader all about the importance of sharks in an easy way to understand! I would recommend this book for younger audiences looking to learn about sharks.

Thank you so much. for your very kind and honest comments!!!

  • The further into the book I ventured, the more I appreciated the message.

  • All my friends should read this book.  Carrots is funny.

  • The drawings helped me to understand better how sharks are an endangered species.

  • This would be a fun book to help teachers generate conversation in the classroom around our current environmental issues.

  • For such a short read, we learned a lot.

  • The segment on shark fin soup was well presented.

  • I absolutely enjoyed reading this book.

  • The facts I learned opened my eyes to how important sharks are to our ecosystem.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your shark book.  

  • I liked it because it was such a quick and easy read.

  • Liked that there were some challenging words in it.

  • Thought it was educational...a cartoon as well.

  • ...it created continuous conversation even after we had finished reading it. 

Carissa, age 12

I found the book very interesting and educational. I really liked it because it was a quick and easy read.

We're  glad you enjoyed learning all about us.

Cassie, age 16

I definitely would recommend this book to anyone especially people who are uneducated about

this topic because its extremely important. I am still learning about sharks, but I am glad I know.

more information and I am more aware.

Cayley W.

I enjoyed the book very much! It was a very interesting read, and I learned a lot from it.

I was shocked and inspired. Shocked at how much sharks help our ecosystem, but also now inspired to want to bring more awareness to others about how important sharks are!

ors shark facing left.png

Tricia P.

I really appreciated the fact it was such a quick read and that I learned so much flipping through the pages.  It has given me a new appreciation of sharks.  It’s a shame that movies have made them into such terrifying creatures.  I believe this is a book that would benefit all ages    

Colleen W.

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book!  As an adult I cannot believe how little I knew about sharks.  I found this to be a quick read and the facts I learned opened my eyes to how important sharks are to our Eco System.  I encourage the Author to write more books for children to take away the fear of animals and to teach them how important they are for our planet.

Gord A.

Carrots, I thoroughly enjoyed your Shark book. My grandchildren and especially my grandson who is a shark fanatic thought the book was neat. Looking forward to the next one.

Bob W, retired Dentist

My wife & I had the good fortune in raising two wonderful sons as well as three adorable grandchildren

(ages 23,21, & 5).
My conclusions after reading your book are as follows:
1. My interpretation & presentation for a children book is quite different than yours, not knowing your

idea what age group you are targeting.
2. The general information is very good & easy to understand.
3. The segment on shark fin soup is well presented.  In my younger days,I consumed my share of shark

fin soup but I stopped drinking it many years back.

Thanks for allowing me to read your interesting book on Sharks & I wish You the best success In your new publication.  

Diana, age 40, software developer

I enjoyed reading this book with my 2 children. For such a short read, we learned a lot! The drawings

really help to remember the information and make the reading fun. I am motivated to learn more

about what we can do to help slow the fishing industry. This would be a fun book to help teachers.

generate conversation in the classroom around our current environmental issues.

Millie, age 12

The drawings help me to understand better about how sharks are endangered species, which I never

thought about before. The length of the book is perfect for giving enough information to remember and understand. I'd recommend this book to all my friends.

Andy, age 9

All my friends should read this book. Carrots is funny. I learned a lot about sharks. It doesn't make sense

that we use sharks for making furniture... Shark finning is disgusting.