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Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad

This "Children's Books Super Quick Read" allows the reader to learn absolutely tons of stuff about sharks in just 20 - 25 minutes. The information is presented in a unique, fun and easy-to-understand manner.  

In this eBook you will learn how sharks help clean and protect our oceans, which in turn leads to cleaner air for us to breathe. They help to reduce global warming and also support the fishing industry and businesses like restaurants, grocery stores and tourist destinations, to earn money.

You will also learn they are not as harmful to humans as they are made out to be, but rather the other way around, and why people are killing over 100,000,000 sharks each year.


ISBN 978-0-9812402-2-0 / 52 pages

Shark Book sold in PDF, Digital epub3, kpf, and mobi formats.


ISBN 978-0-9812402-5-1 / 52 pages

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10% of purchase price will be donated toward shark conservation.

Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad Colouring Book

This companion colouring eBook includes 20 cool sharks along with information about each and is free with every purchase of Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad book.

ISBN 978-0-9812402-3-7/ 20 pages

Shark Colouring Book sold in Digital pdf format